This was Google stock the day after (9/25) that MIT Technology Review wrote an article about it.

Although this could be non-causal, I like to think that stock market analysts have gotten better at spotting disruptive trends and tech sector observers subscribe to the MIT Tech Review.

What’s the big deal?

The test that Google ran with Nasa, a co-sponsor of the project, involved using a 54 Qubit (54 quantum bits) circuit to determine the probability of a sequence of random numbers that could be generated by a theoretical quantum computer. Yes, that sounds confusing and somewhat circular. Suffice it to say, this quantum circuit was able to deliver almost an error free result in 200 seconds. They also calculated that it would have taken the world’s most powerful (non-quantum) computer a deca-millenium or 10,000 years. 

Well, if quantum computing will work, encryption may have to be reinvented as ‘quantum-proof encryption’.  Why is that? Simply put, quantum computing can very quickly crack long polynomial hashes (Passwords). 

A Helping Hand for Quantum Computing Using Machine Learning

Using reinforcement learning, Google is beginning to look at how to improve the physical processes involved in producing error-free qubits at the silicon level.  Placing a RL model in the midst of a Quantum Computing control process might allow them to ‘tune’ the process on the fly in ways that practical quantum science previously made difficult. The paper – Universal quantum control through deep reinforcement learning addresses the control optimization problem in this disruptive, emerging technology.


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