Jetson Nano Developer Kit

This is hardware and software on a small footprint device. It runs on as little as 5 watts of power.

This thing is cool. $99!  An Nvidia GPU and Risc processor on a board with a bunch of I/O and the ability to run multiple neural networks in parallel. Just what you need to accelerate PyTorch, Tensorflow and any Deep Neural Network you can conjure up on your own.

In essence, it can do the speedy math required for deep-learning Neural Networks for image classification, object detection and speech processing.

Read more about it here.

It uses the NVIDIA JetPack SDK which is the same as what is on the NVIDIA Jetson™ family of products.

Watch the video.

This thing is the Jebot AI.  It is a car with a Jetson Nano kit on top. You can control it either via a hh/remote or via Wifi.

Well, I fell for the GoPiGo (Raspberry Pi-based car) so I definitely want one of these.







This video is a long-ish tutorial on how to use the Nvidia Jetbot for maker projects.  Quite fascinating. Watch the first 1/2.  Stunning.