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We are on your path to a practice in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
Consider MLP your  resource and information site for news, tools and techniques to maintain your skillset.


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We are up early so expect to see the latest every day. Twitter will provide a brief stream of news of A.I. and Machine Learning.


The fuel of data science. Share, get and learn what our peers are doing to acquire and analyze it.


Learning should be a top priority to become a practitioner. The Learn page provides overviews of the most taken courses on A.I. and Machine-Learning topics. 


MLP has some people, a charter and terms of service. Find them over on the 'We' page. We could include you in the future.


We'll test drive and post recommendations based on viability. Expect to see  tools you are currently using now or in the future.


Stories driven by data.  Posts about the practice of ML. Every-day-of-the-year. You may even want to write one. Let us Know.


Machine Learning does require some coding. Our language of choice right now is Python.  We code to build straight from our minds. Notebooks and .py are both spoken here.




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PGA Scraping Notebook

PGA Scraping Notebook

PGA Data Scraper Taken from an effort by Patrick Young on Github This scraper uses BeautifulSoup...

PGA Scoring Prediction

PGA Scoring Prediction

2010-2020-PGA-Points-Prediction The object is to predict the Average Official World Golf Rating...

Strokes Gained PGA Notebook

Strokes Gained PGA Notebook

On the Strokes Gained Statistics on the PGA Tour On, check out Djdiroff's kernel as a...

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